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Besoin d'information?

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    Tinnitus Quebec is a mutual aid organization for people with tinnitus. There would be about 900 000 people affected by tinnitus in Quebec and 90,000 are affected severely.

    Mouvement pour l’adhésion aux traitements

    Adherence to treatment is much more than the regular use of a drug. It is also adopting an autonomous and responsible attitude toward his physical and mental condition. It is also being knowledgeable and understand the consequences and solutions of health problems and act on the recommendations of the professional in charge. It is an essential part of our own well-being, which may have considerable implications on the entire system of health and social services.

    Association du Québec pour Enfants avec Problèmes Auditifs

    The Quebec Association for children with hearing problems (AQEPA) is a regroupement of regional associations of parents, health professionals and sympathizers. Strong of is experience, the association has a mandate to inform and support parents, while promoting the cause in society.

    Fédération québécoise des laryngectomisés

    La Fédération québécoise des laryngectomisés, fondée en 1978, est une organisation bénévole à but non lucratif qui se veut la VOIX de l'ensemble des personnes laryngectomisées et glossectomisées du Québec pour faire connaître leur existence, identifier leurs besoins particuliers et promouvoir les services qui leur sont nécessaire. La Fédération est une source importante d'aide pour les nouveaux opérés, leurs proches et les intervenants qui gravitent autour d'eux.

    Canadian Academy of Audiology

    The Canadian Academy of Audiology is dedicated to enhancing the role of audiologists as primary hearing health care providers through advocacy, education and research.

    Association des devenus sourds et malentendants du Québec

    The mission of the Association of deafened and hard of hearing of Quebec is to defend the rights of hearing impaired and deafened individuals and facilitate their integration into Quebec society.

    Regroupement des associations de personnes aphasiques du Québec

    The grouping of associations of persons with aphasia of Quebec regroups 13 autonomous associations of persons with aphasia from 12 administrative regions of Quebec. It aims to bring together all the associations of persons with aphasia of Quebec in order to promote and represent the interests with government and other bodies. They also promote the emergence and improvement of services to the people with aphasia.

    Association des jeunes bègues du Québec

    The association of young stutterers of Quebec aims to raise community awareness on the reality of young stutterers. The association is composed of parents of children who stutter, and aim at breaking their isolation and give them the necessary tools to facilitate the speech of their own, as well as their communicative interactions.

    Association Québécoise de la Dysphasie

    The Quebec Association of dysphasia was created by and for parents of children with speech language impairment. The association works closely with stakeholders from education and health concerned with dysphasia. In addition to inform, educate and offer advice to people with dysphasia and their entourage, several regional activities, information evenings and seminars are offered throughout the year.

    Association québécoise des personnes aphasiques

    The mission of the Quebec association of people with aphasia is to provide a place of belonging and support that promote the development and social integration of people with aphasia.

    Ordre des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes du Québec

    The College of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists of Quebec (OOAQ) mission is to protect the public in relation to the area of practice of its members that includes hearing, language, voice, speech and communication disorders.

    Speech-Language and Audiology Canada

    We are Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC), a member-driven organization that supports, promotes and elevates the professions of our members. We are the only national organization passionately supporting and representing speech-language pathologists, audiologists and supportive personnel inclusively.

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