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    Speech and Language Pathologist

    What is a speech and language pathologist?

    The SLP is a professional whose focus encompasses the realms of healthcare and education. Specific responsibilities include screening, evaluation and treatment of communication delays and disorders arising from language disorders (such as aphasia, dysphasia, dyslexia), speech and motor disorders (such as stuttering, dyspraxia, articulation), voice disorder (dysphonia, laryngectomy, etc.) and oropharyngeal functioning (such as dysphagia or abnormalities affecting the muscles, nerves and structures of these areas).


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    Who do speech language pathologists work with?

    This professional works with preschool and school- age children, adolescents, adults and geriatric populations.


    What do speech language pathologists do?

    Following an evaluation, the speech language pathologist makes recommendations specifically for the person affected as well as for his/her family and (potentially) a professional support network. Recommendations can focus on ways to improve and support communication difficulties, methods of rehabilitation and use of compensatory devices or behaviours. These solutions are always adapted to the unique difficulties of each person, developing the social, educational and professional aspects of people living with a communication disorder. The speech and language pathologist also works in partnership with audiologists to support individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.


    Where do speech language pathologists work?

    This professional works in a hospital setting, a rehabilitation center, in schools and daycares, senior citizen centres and long-term care, in CLSCs, in private practice and public health.

    What are the requirements to become a speech language pathologist?

    A speech pathologist must obtain a university degree (2 year Master degree) and be a member of the Order of Speech Pathologists and Audiologists of Quebec.



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